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Do you have dry, oily, acne-prone wrinkles, fine lines, and other skin issues you worry about?

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What You Need To Know About Custom Facials

Maybe you have discoloration, redness, and blotchy skin. We are all born with different skin types that require different needs. Our diet and stress levels take a toll on the skin. Not to mention the environment in which we live. That’s why it is vital for us to offer facials tailored to our client’s skincare needs. Customized facials are tailored to meet those needs and more. We offer facials that assist in deep cleansing, moisturization, acne treatment, exfoliation, or a combination of these services. Our staff is ready to help you determine what type of facial will meet your needs. We want you floating out our door with the freshest of skin.

Skin Envy Signature Facial

$175 ($450 for three sessions)

Are you looking for clear and bright skin? Deep cleansing Skin Envy Signature Facial is the solution. It includes gentle exfoliation, deep cleansing with blackheads and extractions, and calming face, neck, and decollete massage. The calming masks we use eliminate pore build-up and improve skincare absorption. This facial is excellent for skin rejuvenation as well as acne-prone skin. Microdermabrasion, hands spa, and Oxygen Infusion are included but optional.

Tranquility Facial

$149 ($390 for 3 sessions)

This is our most relaxing facial to restore stressful skin, mind, and body. This gentle cleansing and exfoliating facial includes a soothing mask and a warm relaxing massage for your face, neck, shoulders, arms, and hands, followed by Oxygen Infusion and hands spa. Extraction of blackheads and whiteheads are included by request.

Gua-Sha Facial

$149 ($390 for 3 sessions)

Gua sha is a natural, alternative therapy involving a massage tool to improve circulation and lymphatic drainage of your face. This ancient Chinese healing technique is part of the facial treatment. Oxygen Infusion and hands spa included.

Gentlemen's Facial

$169 ($449 for 3 sessions)

Customized facial for men focusing on deep cleansing, extraction, exfoliation, and deep hydration. Microdermabrasion and Oxygen Infusion are included.

Back Facial

$199 ($499 for 3 sessions)

This signature back facial provides deep cleansing of your back through gentle exfoliation, extraction, and hydration of your skin. It includes microdermabrasion and Oxygen Infusion by request.

Teen Facial


Teen facial is designed to address specific concerns associated with adolescent skin. It includes deep cleansing and gentle extractions. A healing mask will be applied to hydrate the skin. Microdermabrasion, Oxygen Infusion, and hands spa are available by request.

Buccal Face Massage

$180 ($480 for 3 sessions/$899 for 6 session/$1120 for 8 sessions)

This procedure slims and contours the jawline and mid-face providing a noticeable facelift. It is an ideal treatment for swelling-prone faces. A medical provider massages your face from the inside out. It is often compared to Pilates for facial muscles. It improves circulation, muscle tone, and lymphatic drainage of your face. It also improves facial sagging and skin texture and provides mental relaxation. Results are cumulative and require weekly massage 6-8 treatments total following my monthly maintenance treatments for best results.

Vajacial Treatment

$125 ($320 for 3 sessions)

Vajacial includes enzyme exfoliation of the bikini area, extraction of ingrown hairs followed by a soothing mask, and finished with a brightening serum. It leaves the skin clean, smooth, and moisturized. The treatment is focused on the bikini line and outer labia. Three or more sessions are recommended for optimal results. Important: do not shave the area a few days before the treatment.

Custom Facials in Brooklyn NY by Skin Envy Cosmetic and Laser Center
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About Custom Facial

Which areas are treated?

Our custom facials treat the face and extract impurities from your pores.

How long do results last?

The visible results may last up to a week. We recommend you wear an SPF 30 moisturizer to prolong the results. You may schedule monthly follow-up treatments to maintain the results.

When will I see the results?

You’ll get an instant glow after your first session. The peak results will appear after a few days.

Are there side effects?

Yes. The extraction may cause redness and blotchy skin. These symptoms subside within a few hours.

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