Is Radiesse® a Safe and Effective Treatment for Skin Tightening?


Radiesse® is gaining attention as a go-to solution for skin tightening without surgery. Many of us are looking for ways to reduce wrinkles and sagging skin, but the idea of undergoing a surgical procedure can be daunting. That’s where Radiesse® comes in. This treatment, known for its collagen-stimulating properties, promises to rejuvenate skin non-invasively. But how effective is it? And what about safety concerns? If you are curious about what this treatment offers, here’s what you should know. 

What is Radiesse® Skin Tightening?

Radiesse® Skin Tightening is a cosmetic treatment designed to counteract signs of aging like wrinkles and sagging skin. It’s a non-surgical approach, using an FDA-approved dermal filler that stimulates the body’s natural collagen production.

Radiesse® Skin Tightening leverages the science of collagen synthesis to rejuvenate aging skin. The treatment involves injecting a gel containing Calcium Hydroxylapatite (CaHA) microspheres beneath the skin. These microspheres act as a scaffold, promoting the production of natural collagen by the body. Over time, as the gel is absorbed, it leaves behind newly formed collagen, which helps to restore the skin’s firmness and elasticity—this increased collagen production results in smoother, tighter skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and sagging. 

Unlike other fillers that only fill in lines and wrinkles, Radiesse® provides structural support and stimulates long-term skin rejuvenation, making it a unique option in dermal fillers.

Areas Improved by Radiesse®

Radiesse® is designed to improve various areas prone to aging signs, including:

  • Smile lines
  • Pre-Jowl folds
  • Marionette lines (lines running from the corners of the mouth down towards the chin)
  • Chin wrinkles
  • Lip wrinkles, often caused by smoking or straw use
  • Hand rejuvenation, addressing aging-related changes in the hands
  • Buttocks filler and lift for enhancing the shape and appearance
  • Treatment of cellulite, helping to smooth out skin texture

Procedure and Preparation

The procedure and preparation for a Radiesse® skin tightening treatment involve several steps:

  1. Consultation: Before the procedure, a consultation with a medical professional is necessary to discuss goals, assess suitability, and address concerns.
  2. Pre-Treatment Guidelines:
    • Avoid alcohol for at least 48 hours before the appointment to minimize any potential bruising.
    • Refrain from smoking and vaping just before the treatment.
    • Stop taking herbal supplements at least two weeks prior, as some can increase bleeding or interact with the treatment.
    • Avoid ibuprofen and other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) for at least two weeks before the procedure to reduce the risk of bleeding.
  3. During the Procedure:
    • The actual treatment is an outpatient procedure, typically lasting about 30 minutes.
    • The Radiesse® filler is injected into the targeted areas using a fine needle.
  4. Post-Treatment Care:
    • Instructions on post-treatment care will be provided, which may include avoiding strenuous activities for a short period and guidelines for skin care.
  5. Follow-up:
    • A follow-up appointment might be scheduled to assess the results and discuss any further treatments if necessary.

Radiesse® has become a preferred choice for patients seeking skin rejuvenation because of its non-invasive nature. Unlike surgical procedures requiring hospital stays and long recovery periods, Radiesse® treatments are outpatient. You can visit the clinic, have the treatment, and return home the same day, typically within 30 minutes.

During the procedure, you might experience some discomfort, akin to a pinching sensation, as the filler is injected into the skin. However, this discomfort is generally mild and subsides quickly. Patients appreciate the convenience and relative comfort of Radiesse® treatments, combined with the significant benefits in skin appearance, making it an appealing option for those looking to improve skin firmness and texture without surgery.

Safety and Effectiveness

The safety and effectiveness of Radiesse® as a skin tightening treatment are grounded in its method of action and clinical approvals. As an FDA-approved dermal filler, Radiesse® is deemed safe for cosmetic use. Its main component, Calcium Hydroxylapatite (CaHA), is naturally found in human bones, reducing the risk of allergic reactions. The effectiveness lies in its ability to stimulate collagen production, leading to natural skin rejuvenation and long-lasting results compared to other fillers. 

While generally safe, like any medical procedure, there may be some side effects, such as swelling or tenderness. These are typically temporary and subside within a few days. The treatment’s non-permanent nature also allows for flexibility and adjustment over time, further enhancing its appeal as a safe and effective option for skin tightening.

Patient Candidacy and Expectations

Patient candidacy for Radiesse® skin tightening treatment largely depends on overall health and specific skin concerns. Most healthy adults are suitable candidates, especially those seeking non-surgical ways to address skin aging signs like wrinkles and sagging. The expectations for patients undergoing Radiesse® include experiencing immediate improvements with more significant results appearing over time as the body produces more collagen. However, individual results can vary based on age, skin condition, and lifestyle. 

Patients should have realistic expectations and understand that while Radiesse® offers noticeable improvements, it is not a permanent solution and may require future treatments to maintain results.

Preparing For A Radiesse Skin Tightening Procedure

Preparing for a Radiesse® skin tightening procedure involves several important steps to ensure safety and optimize results:

  1. Alcohol Abstinence: Avoid drinking alcohol for at least 48 hours before the appointment. Alcohol can increase the risk of bruising and swelling.
  2. Refrain from Smoking and Vaping: It’s advised to stop smoking and vaping in the hours leading up to the treatment. These activities can affect circulation and skin healing.
  3. Herbal Supplements: Discontinue using herbal supplements at least two weeks before the procedure to prevent potential interactions or increased bleeding risk.
  4. Avoid Certain Medications: Stop taking ibuprofen or other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) at least two weeks before the treatment. These medications can increase the likelihood of bleeding during the procedure.

Following these guidelines can help minimize potential complications and achieve the best possible outcome from the Radiesse® treatment.


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